30 Januar 2014

Home Is Where My Heart Is

Z'Basel an mym Rhy

25 Januar 2014

07 Januar 2014

Achtung, Wissen ist ansteckend

(für deutsch, s. unten)

A French portrait painter sat in his favourite cafe sipping his wine. His first small bottle finished, he was about to order a second, when his eyes fell on a headline of a paper, ’Hard Times Coming’, so instead of ordering his usual second bottle, he called for his check.
Is there anything wrong with the wine?’ asked the landlord.

The wine is good, but I didn’t order a second bottle because hard times are coming and we must economise’ explained the artist. 

Hard times’ said the landlord. ’Then my wife must not order that silk dress we planned but must take one of cotton.’

Hard times’ repeated the dressmaker when the order was cancelled. ’This is no time to expand. I mustn't make the improvement I had planned in this place.’

Hard times, eh’? said the builder, when the dressmaker cancelled the plans. ’Then I cannot have my wife’s portrait painted.’

So he wrote to the artist and cancelled the order.

After receiving the letter, the artist went again to his favourite cafe and ordered a small bottle of wine to soothe him. On a nearby chair was the paper in which he had read of hard times a few days before. He picked it up to read more closely and found that it was ten years old.

Deutsche Übersetzung

05 Januar 2014

Erntezeit im Januar!

Soeben aus dem Garten geholt *staun*